Breast Cancer Rehab/Prehab


Why Rehab?

Breast cancer affects over 3,000 women and approximately 25 men per year in Ireland. Happily, the survival rate for breast cancer is improving in Ireland thanks to increased awareness, research and screening.

Because survival rates are improving, more people are living longer with the after-effects of cancer treatment and this can have its own unique challenges. This is where breast cancer prehab and rehab come in. My aim is to help those going through breast cancer to have the best possible chance of thriving and enjoying life again once their medical treatments are complete.

The Focus.

The different phases of cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy all have different effects on the body and these can continue for many months or even years after treatment finishes.

Breast cancer rehabilitation focuses on helping to make these effects more manageable. Focus is on improving muscle flexibility and strength, joint mobility, bone health, heart health and energy levels as well as reducing the risk of lymphedema, lowering stress levels and improving scar tissue.

After a diagnosis and before treatment for breast cancer, prehab focuses on getting the body ready for that treatment. This involves making sure muscles are as strong and flexible as possible, joints are mobile, and there is a good level of cardiovascular strength so the body can easier meet the demands of treatment. Also at this stage, it is important to look at other lifestyle factors such as stress levels, nutrition, weight management and the home environment.

Your individual needs.

Cancer affects everyone differently, so my rehab or prehab sessions will be tailored to your individual needs.
During our initial consultation, we will discuss your personal health history, your specific type of cancer and the treatments you will be undertaking or have already undertaken. We will then use this information to help establish your aims for a full recovery.

Subsequent sessions will be tailored to your individual requirements. This means you can choose thirty or sixty minute sessions to suit your own needs and energy levels. These may incorporate hands-on therapy (such as massage, scar work, joint mobilisation, lymph drainage), exercise, relaxation techniques and/or homecare advise.

For more information and to discuss your options, please get in contact.