Rehabilitation after injury is an important step in the overall recovery process and in avoiding re-injury. The definition of rehabilitation is the act of returning something to it’s original state.  Rehabilitation of an injury involves working with the client to help them regain strength and mobility, re-train weakened muscles or, if necessary, learn to use new muscles to work around any remaining issues.

For some clients the aim of rehabilitation will be to return to normal day-to-day tasks, others will aim to return to work or a particular sport or activity. The rehabilitation program will be tailored with the client in mind and will take into account their particular needs and aims. Short-term goals will be determined with the final recovery in mind and these can be built on and changed week-by-week.

The rehabilitation program will consist of various exercises, some will be Pilates based exercises. The client will be given a home-care program that they can work on and this will be reviewed periodically.

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Person lying face up one foot in a flex band. Physio leg strengthening exercise.
Girl with outstretched leg reaching for foot. Julie Carolan Rehab.