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Healthy Eating To Reduce Cancer Risk.

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On February 4th, World Cancer Day, I attended an webinar hosted by the Irish Cancer Prevention Network (ICPN) and the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI). The webinar “Food for thought: Eating to Reduce Cancer Risk” , was aimed at educating the public about the benefits of a healthy diet in reducing cancer risk. I […]

Pilates exercise of the month – Half Rollback

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Benefits Strengthens & challenges core, abdominal & pelvic floor muscles. Improves strength and control in hip flexor muscles. Opens up the spine, encouraging movement between the vertebrae.   How Start sitting with knees slightly bent and feet flat.  Upper body rolled forward over the knees and arms reaching out in front. Take a breath in […]

Women holding hands for menopause blog Julie Carolan Physio & Pilates

Taking Control At Menopause.

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World Menopause Day. Yesterday was world menopause day, aimed at raising awareness of this often-ignored life stage in women. Due to changes in hormone levels many women experience a range of symptoms at this time from joint pain and brain fog to hot flushes and night sweats and everything in-between. And, while these can be […]