Pilates exercise of the month – Swimming Prep

Swimming Prep Julie Carolan Pilates


  • Helps to strengthen the muscles of the upper back, legs, arms, abdominals & glutes.
  • Improves balance & coordination.
  • Improves hip & shoulder mobility.



Start kneeling with knees hip distance apart and hands shoulder width apart.
Take a breath in to begin.
As you breathe out, slowly reach away with the opposite arm and leg bringing them to hip and shoulder height.
Breathe in to hold the postition.
As you breathe out, slowly lower the limbs back down.
Repeat on the other side.



Work slowly keeping your torso stable.
Don’t allow your lower back to arch, keep your core tight, tummy pulled up.
Keep looking forward towards the front of your mat, you shouldn’t need to look at the arms or legs when they’re moving.


Avoid this exercise if you find it difficult to kneel without pain.
Avoid this exercise if you have painful hands, wrists or shoulders that become more painful when leaning on them.

If you’re new to pilates or any other form or exercise or are injured, ill or elderly please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regime.

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