Physical Therapy – How Can It Help You?

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Who Benefits?

People from all walks of life can benefit from Physical Therapy, from the sportsperson to the office worker to the parent working in the home.  Because the treatments are individualised to suit each client’s needs, they are suitable for all ages and levels of function.

When do I need Physical Therapy?

While some might consider only using the services of a Physical Therapist when they are injured or in pain, it’s worth noting that Physical Therapy can be very useful in helping to avoid pain and injury and to maintain flexibility and range of motion. Therefore, regular appointments can help keep you doing what you need or love to do in your daily life such as working, enjoying sport and recreation and even spending time looking after a family.

Along with helping to address the reason for any pain or dysfunction that you may be experiencing, your Physical Therapist will be able to advise on avoiding future injury by compiling a personalised rehabilitation program. This will provide you with the tools to work on correcting weaknesses and increasing strength, balance and flexibility.

Common Problems.

Some common conditions addressed by Physical Therapy include:

* Sport Injuries
* Repetitive Strain Injuries
* Back Pain
* Sciatica
* Neck, shoulder and elbow conditions
* Postural & Overuse injuries
* Headaches
* TMJ dysfunction
* Whiplash
* Foot and ankle conditions
* Hip and knee conditions
* Wrist and hand conditions
* Chronic pain
* Spinal dysfunction
* Pelvic dysfunction
* General muscular aches and pains
* Joint stiffness

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